OCTOBER 4 + 5   2019

Cream City Code has joined up with Fall Experiment to bring you a two-day developer conference in downtown Milwaukee. Designed to bring together developers from a wide range of experience levels, this track aims to explore new ideas, code, collaboration and best practices.

This conference is for everyone! Whether you’re a developer, designer, programmer, novice or expert, if you’re interested in learning more about development Cream City Code is a must attend conference.

Announcing our Keynote Speakers

Kim Crayton

Hey! What About Me?: How To Manage Heterogeneous Groups While Minimizing Harm

As we commit to doing the challenging, uncomfortable, and complex work of improving inclusion and diversity in our organizations, communities, and events, we should expect and plan for the inevitable conflicts that will arise as affinity groups, which often segregate themselves for various safety reasons, find themselves in shared spaces with others.

Attending this keynote will aid you and your teams with having the long-term, meaningful impact that we all desire. And yet, we need to remember that intention without strategy equals chaos and potential harm.

Nickolas Means

The Original Skunk Works

Long before Agile and Lean became buzzwords, a scrappy group of aerospace engineers at Lockheed's Skunk Works were using similar practices to produce some of the most amazing aircraft ever built. The famous U-2 spy plane, the SR-71 Blackbird, and the F-117A Stealth Fighter are among the incredible planes the engineers at Skunk Works produced under impossibly tight deadlines and very limited budgets.

What can we learn from the stories of these amazing planes and the engineers who built them? Let's go back to our roots and let the original experts teach us about building awesome stuff together.

Important Dates

  • May 1st: Call For Speakers opens
  • June 1st: Call For Speakers closes
  • July 15th: Speakers announced
  • August 1st: Schedule released
  • October 4th - 5th: Cream City Code
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